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FUNdamental ( O.T. ) Wizard Coming Soon

The FUNdamental Wizard is a comprehensive and automated evaluation tool for pediatric occupational therapy practitioners that significantly decreases evaluation collection and reporting time. The FUNdamental Wizard has reporting metrics to measure progress from evaluations over time or the overall improvement of caseload based on chosen filters.


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Pediatric occupational therapy practitioners working in any of these settings: public school, charter school, private school, outpatient clinic, home health, and preschool. 

The tool is adaptable and can add on, or take away information that is not applicable to the patient.  For ease, it offers several evaluation templates that can be selected based on the need and setting. 

Each template has recommended fundamental parts that we find are necessary to create a comprehensive evaluation. 

In addition, the evaluation templates include a landscape oriented PDF that should be downloaded as a powerpoint or google slide presentation and used as the evaluation testing plates.

Templates include: 

  • IEP Motor (OT) Evaluation
  • IEP Motor Screening
  • Preschool Evaluation
  • Preschool Screening

Yes, it is both Hipaa and FERPA compliant.  All information is stored on our secure platform and backed up daily. 

The FUNdamental Wizard is an online tool.  Each subscriber has their own unique log in.  There are several evaluation templates available and the subscriber chooses the one that is most relevant.  After adding in the client’s information, he/she is stored on your caseload.  At any time you can create a new evaluation or re-evaluation and the information previously entered will populate.  You can edit as needed. The subscriber will select the evaluation template and will enter results right into the on line tool.  Don’t need a section?  No worries, just uncheck it and it won’t populate.  Need additional areas?  We have added lots of additional skill and performance areas that can be selected. The tool will take your data and automatically create a formatted document where your data is offered in a organized manner and will write measurable current/present level of performance paragraphs.   Once done, you will simply press “create my document” and an editable word document will download.  You may fine tune it as needed and add it to your chosen logo, if desired. No more mistakes !   

The tool also uses the data you have entered for that client and is available for comparison to other students on the subscriber’s caseload.  If that client is re-evaluated in the future, the tool will give measurable progress data.  

The tool reduces user errors while creating a streamlined evaluation process for your therapy practice or therapy team.   Although each report is individualized, they share common attributes so that each evaluation contains measurable and normative data for each client. This is also super helpful to show evidence based intervention data of one child or between all of a subscriber’s caseload. 

When surveyed a large group of pediatric therapists, regarding the time that it takes to administer and write up evaluations, the majority responded that it was 1 hour to several hours for the write up itself.  This tool has been tested in 2022-2023 with our therapy group and with around 2000 preschool clients.   Our findings is that the tool allows a therapist to administer a comprehensive OT evaluation in about 25 minutes.  When a therapist is entering in the response as he/she is actively evaluating a client, then the write up time is less than 10 minutes.   Administration and write up time may increase depending on standardized assessments you use.  And guess what, there are almost no mistakes!   

Although a subscriber must purchase standardized assessments separately, there are included tables that you may enter standardized scores, percentiles, etc from assessments such as:

  • Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration | Sixth Edition
  • Peabody
  • BOT2
  • PEDI
  • MVPT-3
  • DTVP-2
  • FAST
  • Sensory Profile 2
  • Sensory Processing Measure
  • Miller FUN

*this list may change as needed during development

All subscriptions will be 12 months in duration.  A subscriber may be an solo practitioner, a therapy practice owner, or a LEA/Public/Charter OT Team.  Subscriptions and prices per year will vary depending on what kind of user but will include a maximum number of caseload /patients per account. You may create as many reports as needed for your caseload.   If a subscriber needs to bump up to the next subscription level, that may be done at any time. Organizational subscriptions (LEAs, School System OT teams and private practice therapy groups)  will have an administrator that will determine new users added to the group. 

Phase one will be all of the items that you see above.  Future phases will offer add ons for goal generation suggestions, daily note manager, linked teacher and parent input forms, and OT recommendations bank. 

We are currently building this and will be beta testing it in summer of 2023.  Phase one should be ready for implementation in late Fall 2023.   Please fill out our interest form below to get updates from our product.

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