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How occupational therapy relates to academics

Long ago when I was beating the pavement to establish partnerships with agencies and schools, I would often get the blank look from administrators about Occupational Therapy.  Either they hadn’t heard of it, or they only knew of OT when they thought of how an OT worked with a grandparent in the nursing home.    Luckily, we have come a long way since I first started as an OT in 1998!   

Still, many administrators, teachers and parents are unsure of the relationship between OT and learning.  Many still think of OT as being mainly “motor rehabilitation”.  OT is that but so much more!   

Basically, when our foundation developmental skills are not mastered, then we will have limitations on academic and cognitive growth.  We work with all kinds of kids.  We work with kids with and without disabilities.   We work with kids with low IQs all the way to ones that are intellectually gifted! 

We see more and more kids that have gaps in their developmental skills, which means they are not ready for the academics that are being taught to them.  If children aren’t developmentally ready for age-level academics, then they are often overwhelmed, unfocused, shutting down, or sometimes acting up. 

Learning Charms helps to work directly with schools, parents, agencies, and children to improve their developmental skills of children. We do this by direct therapy, teaching, collaboration, and providing education.  As the children we work with make developmental advances, then they make academic advances !  FUNdamental Foundations is a comprehensive program that enables a teacher or homeschool parent the resources to ensure their child is enriched with developmental activities with a just right challenge.

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