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Handwriting help and tutoring for students

If handwriting is frustrating your child, or if poor or slow handwriting is holding them back from better grades then we can help.  

Is your student’s handwriting:
a MiXtuRE of UpPercase ANd LowErcasE leTTErs?
floating off the line?
formed incorrectly?

Does your child:

Get bad or lowered grades because of handwriting legibility?

Write as little as possible, or avoid writing when possible? 

Does handwriting cause your student :
to have hand pain?
to be sad/tearful/emotional/mad?
to feel bad about him/herself?
to quit trying or give up?

Is their handwriting good when copying and they can tell you verbally about a subject but can’t adequately put thoughts into sentences? This is referred to as the “I can’t think of what to write” issue.  

Is your child in preschool or rising kindergarten and you want to make sure they are taught handwriting correctly and efficiently? 

Does your student simply wish to learn cursive or to be more efficient at taking notes?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, we can help. 

Handwriting is our number one referral for our students and we have LOTS of experience helping.  Our goal is to determine why the handwriting problems exist and then tackle those areas so that the student can begin making progress after just one session.  

Our handwriting tutoring is performed by one of our licensed occupational therapists. We offer several solutions for handwriting. See below to decide what might be best for your child. 

Here are some of our solutions for handwriting enrichment

Coaching: one 30 minute session

This is one virtual coaching session that will last 25-30 minutes in length.   You will have the opportunity to schedule your session right after paying.  You have 365 days from purchase to use your coaching session.  Sessions may be used to work with a child (parent must be present), child and parent, parent, educator or therapist.  

Going to Kindergarten Club/ Part One(uppercase): Send your child to kindergarten ready to write!

Going to Kindergarten Club: Send your child to kindergarten ready to write! This course focuses on fine motor and learning to write uppercase letters. This class is remote based with instructional videos for all letters as well as bonus materials and videos for developmental enrichment.  Easy to source materials and lots of optional printables and ideas. Developed by an occupational therapist. 

FUNdamental Foundations: Year long access to 700+ activities, worksheets and resources

The FUNdamental Foundation program was developed by a group of pediatric occupational therapists and designed to enrich the developmental foundations of children aged 3-5. The program achieves this by offering teachers and parents engaging and easy-to-implement activities for their child(ren).

Learning of children by offering unique and creative strategies for cognitive, sensory, and motor development.    

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