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Kneeling during table work: great for trunk stability

When you come into my occupational therapy studio or classroom, you’ll find that all the tables are coffee table height and without chairs.  This seems to puzzle the kids I work with.

So, why no chairs?  Well, I found out that little kids really have a hard time sitting in chairs.  They fall out of the chairs, they wiggle in the chairs, they rock them back and forth..they do anything but stay in chairs.  Kids don’t want to sit!  They need to move.   While we are working on fine motor or handwriting, we sit at my “kneeling tables”.  While working, the kids have the freedom for movement AND for working on trunk stability and core strength via long kneeling.  This can be implemented at home or in school. Have a center without chairs. Add a few little carpet squares instead of chairs and children can kneel while working at the center.

So, bring out the kneeling tables and see better developmental skills!

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