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FUNdamental Foundation: 3’s-4’s program

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OT’s, teachers and parents will get quick-to-use developmental ideas and activities that are unique, highly engaging,  and are easy to understand and implement.



The FUNdamental Foundation program was developed by a group of pediatric occupational therapists and designed to enrich the developmental foundations of children aged 3-5. The program achieves this by offering teachers and parents engaging and easy-to-implement activities for their child(ren). FUNdamental Foundations was piloted in 2022 with 163 four-year-old children that were enrolled in preschool programs throughout Mecklenburg County, NC.

The activities provide details on the materials needed, modifications, troubleshooting, and how the developmental activity supports learning. The activity page includes printable PDF’s, videos, and other helpful resources. Each activity typically takes 5-10 minutes or less to complete and can easily be integrated into the classroom or home curriculum. Many activities have digital formatting as an option so that a teacher can show a classroom via a whiteboard, screen share via virtual teaching or assign the daily activities to be completed at home. Those same activities can be completed with a touchscreen.

All activities fall under 5 skill areas:

  • Gross Motor 🕺
  • Pre-Writing ✏️
  • Pre-Reading 📚
  • Sensory
  • Self Help 🤧
  • Here are some of the perks YOU will receive :

    🏆36 weeks of ideas and activities to complement any curriculum (720+ activity ideas)

    🏆Downloadable, printer-friendly workbook and PDF’s

    🏆50+ bonus activities and PDF’s

    🏆Many videos that “teach” you how to teach or introduce the activities

    🏆Links to extra resources and our own Spotify playlists

    🏆Access to our occupational therapists for troubleshooting through our members-only community page

    🏆Valuable tips through our members-only emails.

    🏆A wave of relief! You can rest assured that these activities will help your child aged 3-5 make great developmental progress…therefore increasing academic potential!

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