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Going to kindergarten handwriting club

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Perhaps your child is about to enter kindergarten, or maybe he/she has already begun kindergarten … either way, it’s not too late for your child to learn how to write letters correctly and efficiently through our program. The class was developed using all the best parts of the most successful handwriting programs out there along with all the tips and tricks I’ve used teaching children for the past 20+ years. I basically turned my “live” in-person handwriting sessions into an online class. You and your child will get the best instruction possible AND it’s going to be a wonderful kinesthetic experience so that your child REMEMBERS and ENJOYS it.

WHAT IS THE CHILD’S TRANSFORMATION? Enhanced legibility, efficiency, and retention. Do you know what this equals? Less frustration and more willingness to complete handwriting activities! Along the way, I’ll teach your child foundation developmental skills of fine motor, pre-reading, gross motor, and direction-following skills that are critical to being a successful student.


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